All about Alon Alexander

Since the beginning, Alon has been a brilliant child who went to one of the best elementary schools and later completed his high school. Soon after that, he went to the University of Maryland at New York, from where he received a law degree.

Alon was passionate and dedicated towards his aim in life, and knew what it takes to be successful. His commitment prompted him to follow his dreams, and soon he became the founder of Kent Security. This industry is worldwide popular and sees people demanding the same for their personal and professional safety. All through his journey, Alon was accompanied by his twin brother Oren Alexander, who is now a successful real estate agent, and also helps Alon in his work

Kent Security- An Extremely Dependable Security Company Founded by Alon Alexander

Born and raised in a family with real estate as a family business, Alon Alexander had an inborn intention to excel in whatever field he tries. And he really developed the ability to achieve success in whatever he tries his hands on. 

He founded Kent Security before entering first year at New York Law with a vision to make it one of the leading security companies in the industry. He worked hard to achieve his goals and results are before the whole world today. Today Kent Security is looked upon as the most dependable and esteemed company among so many operating around.

Success Story of Fonder of Kent Security, Alon Alexander

Born on 2nd July 1987, Alon Alexander went to Hillel Group Day School for rudimentary and Dr. Michael Krop Senior Secondary School. In 2005, Alon chose to stay on the east coast and go to the University of Maryland in University Stop, MD in order to follow higher instruction. Alon Alexander completed his graduation from the University of Maryland in the winter of 2008. With a degree in Criminal Equity, he went to Law School at Unique York Law.

Alon laid a stone of foundation of organized Kent Security in NY in the mid of his first year at law school before dropping the school. He established Kent Security based on his family business in South Florida and organized it as a complete valuable security result provider. Today, Alon is a successful business professional and well known as a Co-founder of Kent Security. With true determination and dedication, he has achieved success in taking his company to the next level in today’s competitive world. Understanding the growing importance of security solutions for homes and offices, he did a remarkable job and meet the increasing demands of his customers.

Today, Kent security is counted among a leading solution provider and the most preferred choice of the people who are looking for security solutions for their homes and offices. The company is engaged in offering a wide range of security solutions such as anti-terrorist protection cover, security management, law enforcement and para-military services. With professional skill and vast knowledge, Alon has made all possible moves to bring innovation in his working and wide offerings. He is an ambitious person who primarily focuses on satisfying the demands and needs of his esteemed clients.

What Became of Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander?

Alon Alexander and Oren Alexander, born on July 2, 1987, are twins who have been very socialized from a young age. They had always been willing to participate in extracurricular activities and help the community in every possible way. Their schooling was done in Hillel Community Day School and Dr. Michael Krop Senior High School. They have been together for most of their youth and also their friend circle has always been same.
Both the brothers parted their ways in 2005 for the pursuit of higher education. Alon chose to be on the East Coast and pursue education in the University of Maryland in College Park, MD while Oren went to the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. The camaraderie between the brothers made them visit each other in their colleges.

After earning the degree in Finance from the University of Colorado, Oren joined Prudential Douglas Elliman as a real estate broker. His father was a developer that’s why Oren always had an interest in real estate. On the other hand, just after receiving the degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Maryland, Alon joined the Law School at New York Law. Here he joined his brother again. Before the commencement of the first year of the program, he founded Kent Security, a security system company in New York City.
Now Alon Alexander and Oren are counted in very successful young professionals. But their success hasn’t lowered their passion for helping others. They are magnanimously charitable. Besides that, they help each others in promoting their businesses. They have been featured as the most eligible bachelors in New York in Hamptons Magazine and Gotham Magazine.

Biometric Security Systems by Alon Alexander’s ‘Kent Services’

We are living in twenty first century where numerous buildings may be seen being guarded by video and audio devices.These advance security systems have exterminated the need of physical presence of a doorman or security guard. But the technology never remains stagnant; it keeps on changing constantly. The world may be run by those who live in the present but it’s led by those who look at the future. On this note, Alon Alexander the founder of Kent Services of New York realized the need of advanced security systems to make a computerized entry lot more secure and worked on it.

Today, Alon is the owner of ‘Kent Services” based in New York City. The company is staffed with over 400 people and the annual revenue of the company is around $5 million. Alon attended law school but his intention was not to become a practicing lawyer unlike thousands of others. He never underwent any internship at a law firm. Instead of that he focused on his own plans of establishing a security system company. Alon has plans of expanding the company nationwide from Seattle to Philadelphia and Washington D.C 

The biometric security system offered by the company works with a scanning technology in which the pictures of the visitors at the door are compared with the pictures collected on the file of the system. If the system is unable to trace a match, the visitors receive a voice query, “Do you live in the Building?” and the response from the visitor is analyzed through a voice recognition system. If still the security system doesn’t confirm the identity, central security staffers deal with it telephonically. The door costs $25,000 which is a small investment when compared to the annual payout to a doorman which supposes to be $160,000 on average.