Biometric Security Systems by Alon Alexander’s ‘Kent Services’

We are living in twenty first century where numerous buildings may be seen being guarded by video and audio devices.These advance security systems have exterminated the need of physical presence of a doorman or security guard. But the technology never remains stagnant; it keeps on changing constantly. The world may be run by those who live in the present but it’s led by those who look at the future. On this note, Alon Alexander the founder of Kent Services of New York realized the need of advanced security systems to make a computerized entry lot more secure and worked on it.

Today, Alon is the owner of ‘Kent Services” based in New York City. The company is staffed with over 400 people and the annual revenue of the company is around $5 million. Alon attended law school but his intention was not to become a practicing lawyer unlike thousands of others. He never underwent any internship at a law firm. Instead of that he focused on his own plans of establishing a security system company. Alon has plans of expanding the company nationwide from Seattle to Philadelphia and Washington D.C 

The biometric security system offered by the company works with a scanning technology in which the pictures of the visitors at the door are compared with the pictures collected on the file of the system. If the system is unable to trace a match, the visitors receive a voice query, “Do you live in the Building?” and the response from the visitor is analyzed through a voice recognition system. If still the security system doesn’t confirm the identity, central security staffers deal with it telephonically. The door costs $25,000 which is a small investment when compared to the annual payout to a doorman which supposes to be $160,000 on average.


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